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The purpose of this site is to help the EOS community develop a way to discover the wishes of the tokenholders; where there is agreement and where there is controversy, based on the amount of support a given proposal attains.

Here, you can let your voice be heard and your tokens be counted on any issue. You can show support for any proposal or comment, or start your own initiative to see if it is widely supported!

Join us in our effort to help the EOS better communicate, with on-chain discussions, which can lead to referenda, worker proposals, changes to the constitution, system contracts or simply gauging the support for your ideas. Use your stake to make your opinion count!

EOS Resource Renting & Rent Distribution

See original proposal from Dan Larimer at

We present a solution for lowering the capital costs of using network and CPU resources on EOSIO based blockchains. The EOS network allows at most 400ms per second of CPU time to be billed and an average of 40ms per second sustained. This CPU time is divided evenly among all holders of EOS tokens that choose to stake them for 3 days. Unused CPU time is allocated on a fractional reserve basis, which means unused time is given to those who stake and decide to use it.

The EOSIO white paper called for the ability to delegate bandwidth to others. The ability to delegate bandwidth implies the ability to rent unused bandwidth. From this token holders have an opportunity cost associated with not renting their unused bandwidth.

Creating an efficient rental market requires price discovery and liquidity. An efficient rental market will ensure resources are always available and at more reasonable prices for the participants. Token holders can lend their EOS at a fee in exchange for some loss of liquidity for the duration of the loan. There is no risk of losing capital to the lender.

eosmesoforum 10 08/04/2018 88fd… + 36,972 - 0

Read the proposal: “EOS Resource Renting & Rent Distribution”

EXAMPLE: Fund the creation of a user friendly front end for Worker Proposals

This is an EXAMPLE proposal to fund the creation of a web portal that can be used to manage all aspects of the life cycle of a Worker Proposal.

thomasbcox23 20 07/22/2018 5dbf… + 36 - 0

Read the proposal: “EXAMPLE: Fund the creation of a user friendly front end for Worker Proposals” as a referendum mechanism

Every system is as valuable as the number of people who use it. In EOS value is also given to the investment in the system. The volume defines the real value of the system. That volume is what defines the true mainnet, that volume is what defines the block producers. That same volume should define any change in the network. The importance of measuring that volume is critical for any advance in any way. That is why we propose the use of as a referendum system.

eosmesoforum 10 07/20/2018 2333… + 2,091 - 0

Read the proposal: “ as a referendum mechanism”’s Proposal for EOS Constitution v2.0

The EOS community has embarked on a revolutionary journey to combine the best aspects of crypto-contracts, human contracts, and human dispute resolution. This makes EOS the first smart Ricardian Contract blockchain.

The decentralized birth of a new public blockchain and governance system is fundamentally challenging because everyone is trying to figure out the rules. Some people want to replicate existing legal structures, others want to regulate all manner of behavior, while others want to retain Code-is-Law. has watched the community launch an EOSIO-based blockchain, and has learned important lessons from the experience.

eosmesoforum 10 07/19/2018 e69e… + 65,481 - 10

Read the proposal: “’s Proposal for EOS Constitution v2.0”

EOS interin constitution

This constitution is a multi-party contract entered into by the Members by virtue of their use of this blockchain.. It is current constitution as seen last updated June 7, 2018.

The source was copied from

eosmesoforum 10 07/19/2018 81cf… + 10 - 0

Read the proposal: “EOS interin constitution”

How to create your own proposal

  • First make sure you have Scatter installed and unlocked.
  • Click on create proposal on the menu at the top of the page.
  • Next, on the create page you will be shown a form where you can input the Title of your proposal, select the Type or category, and write de description of your idea or proposal.
  • Finally at the bottom of the page, click on Save Your Proposal.

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Good Job. I will support.(Reply Example)

This proposal should not be adopted, unless combined with inverse weighted voting as planned by TELOS to prevent whales from voting themselves in.

I will support your proposal if payments are made in 3 installments to joanesmith9. Dont get me wrong I believe Joan is the perfect candidate to develop the portal. I would only like to see her mockup of the ux before committing the full funds. I think it is a general rule that should be applied to all worker proposals. Milestone payments that happen unless we unstake. There is saying where we come from: Musico pagado no toca tan bien. Translates to "Paid musician doesn't play as nice" P.S This is a COOL portal! ;)

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